Dramatic | Thabo Bester Released A List Of Missing Cash & Luxury Goods During Court Appearance

Thabo Bester and Nandipha Magudumana have made headlines in South Africa since the beginning of the year. The couple were caught and arrested in Tanzania on 08 April 2023 after fleeing the country a few feeks before.

Ever since the couple was arrested and deported back into the country, they had had not seen each other until today. They saw each other and even sat next to each other in the court room during their court appearances today, on 08 August 2023. They looked happy to see each other.





Thabo Bester shared some shocking information through his Lawyer. It is alleged that money of different currencies and valuables have been missing that since he was re-arrested, Thabo and Nandipha was caught in possession of the valuables worth nearly R30 million below:

Valuables includes: Iphone 14 pro max, Samsung S23, Samsung Z4, Ipad 16, Macbook air 16, MacBook pro 16, Burberry card holder, Burberry sunglassses, TomFord sunglasses, HP laptop, LV laptop bag, Marriage ring, watches: ApX2, FM, Rolex O, C, P P

All to the value of R14 303 600.00

Cash in different currencies include:

R295 000.00

USD 36 000.00

TanzS 7200 000.00

Zam R 1 400 000.00

UK pounds 500 000.00

Swiss Francis 150 000.00

In total, the money is R14 192 100.00 and altogether the with the valuables to total is R29 335 000.00 .

Bester’s lawyer shared that a case was opened at Lanseria Airport.

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