Dumi marry his wife whilst he was engaged to somebody else

Dumi marry his wife whilst he was engaged to somebody else

Award-winning gospel musician, songwriter, and producer, Dumi Mkokstad, isn’t new on the gospel scenes as he’s managed to garner an enormous following together with his music. To date, Dumi has bagged himself a variety of awards with a number of his albums even reaching gold status.

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Taking a step back from his Christian life, Mkokstad has admitted that his past hasn’t been all squicky clean. In previous interviews, the gospel singer admitted that he’s had multiple partners and gave in to tons of pressure which cause him neglecting his faith. Everyone makes mistakes, right and good for Dumi he made a commitment to show his life around.

In celebration of his 29th birthday here’s a glance at the days Dumi’s actions may need cost him dearly.

Dumi Mkokstad impregnates a 21-year-old

It always comes as a shock when a person of the material or gospel artist is trending for all the incorrect reasons. Unfortunately for Dumi, he had all his dirty linen aired for the general public to ascertain .

According to a piece of writing written by Isolezwe, allegedly Dumi impregnated a 21-year girl by the name of Nomfundo Ngcobo. Nomfundo mentioned that they slept twice together which she would even visit Dumi Mkokstad at the studio.

Nomfundo insisted on both occasions she slept with Dumi that he placed on a condom, but he didn’t. When she informed Dumi Mkokstad about her pregnancy, he strongarmed her to abort the baby and he even purchased it.

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Dumi Mkokstad called out by former ‘lovers’

After a year of being married, legally Dumi Mkokstad and Ziphozenkosi Mthembu the couple decided to travel through the normal wedding formalities.


Since the announcement of the marriage , Dumi’s supposedly former lover came call at droves, claiming to possess been promised marriage by the gospel star. However, Dumi denied ever knowing the lady he was accused of being involved .

Mzansi’s gospel sensation, Dumi Mkokstad even decided to modify things up together with his usual brand of music and released a song dedicated to his wife.

However, some felt that Dumi was trying too hard to be the great guy and there was no need for him to release the song publicly. Dumi defended this by stating that the song wasn’t too diluted, as there have been elements of spirituality in it.