Dumi Mkokstad Wife ZiphozeNkosi welcomed their newborn baby


Dumi Mkokstad Wife ZiphozeNkosi welcomed their newborn baby

Musician Dumi Mkokstad and his wife Dr. Ziphozenkosi recently welcomed their newborn baby. Dr. Zipho has decided to take her followers on her motherhood journey and hopefully, they can learn a thing or two.
mzansinews2 24“Hey people it’s me. I wanted to do these quick little short videos of my motherhood journey so far, in real-time with no makeup. Me literally in the midst of motherhood.

“Just to tell you about my motherhood journey and how it’s been and what challenges I’ve had and how I’ve overcome them and some of them I’m still trying to figure out.

“And just some quick advice that has helped me. It’s been three weeks of ups and downs but I’m really starting to enjoy it,” she said.

The Dr says the first challenge that she came across was the whole thing of natural delivery vs a cesarean section.

“I think that’s easy – it’s pretty simple. If a doctor advises a c-section then it’s what you should be doing. Then you need to just heed that advice.

“There are medical indications for a caesarian section and some people just choose it because they are scared or they fear a natural delivery. I think you just need to be open-minded when it comes to natural vs caesarian section,” she says.

She also addresses postpartum blues also known as postpartum depression.
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“Postpartum blues are a thing. It’s real and it’s real emotions we feel and it really is happening to you. Basically, you have a low mood. You cry and things that make you happy don’t make you happy. You feel guilty, you feel a bit of shame. You just don’t feel good about yourself,” she explains.

“Certain things trigger you to feel bad and to cry. I had all these things.”

She stresses that postpartum depression should not be overlooked.

“One thing I want to highlight when it comes to postpartum blues/depression is that just because it’s common and just because there’s a reason for it because you’ve just given birth or whatever the case may be. It doesn’t mean that it is something that needs to be sidelined or dismissed because it’s real and it’s happening. You are feeling those feelings,” she adds.

“So support is so important during that time. It almost makes you feel like you can’t enjoy being a mom. And it makes you feel like you are not worthy of even being a mom. It really is hard and it’s really challenging,” said Dr Ziphozenkosi in part.

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