Durban Gen actress Zimdollar Bileya cries for help.

Durban Gen actress Zimdollar Bileya cries for help.

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She is suspecting that someone could be following her and watching all her moves
Popular eTV medical drama series, Durban Gen’s actress, cries for help over what happened to her account.

Nowadays, people get scammed and have their accounts hacked on social media, with the perpetrators doing most worse things ever after having cloned the account.

Zimdollar Bileya, who plays the role of Nobuhle Nkabinde, the matron at the Durban General Hospital,is the latest victim of such a scam as her account got hacked.

She even tried to report it but no action has been taken about that as the problem still persists. Zim dollar, who is also a presenter of Sigiya ngengoma on Ukhozi FM on Saturdays, said that she has reported her page and tried to block it but nothing helped.

Now, she has called upon her fans to help her by reporting and blocking this page.

In a video clip, she said: “I’m raising this because I’m fed up with what is happening on the Zimdollar Zimiphi Biyela page. This is a fake page, and the person behind it, whom I don’t know, is stubborn. I’ve reported and tried to block it, but nothing helps.”

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Biyela went on to say that she mysteriously became the admin of the fake page, without her knowledge and consent.

“The person behind this is obviously an expert in technology. I’m now coming to you to help me report this page. Things that are happening and being said on it are shocking, and not my views. I don’t even comment on it, but I can see that people are commenting,” she continued.

“When I post a photo on my real page, they take it and post it on the fake one. This is clearly someone who has nothing to do except destroy my name. I am now tired of this. I’m even thinking of leaving Facebook because some people there have nothing to do. Guys, we are busy. Why can’t everybody be busy? Destroying other people’s names is low,” she said.

People are urged to be cautious of suspicious pages on Facebook and always verify to see if indeed it belongs to that particular person, since there are lot of scams now.

Another celebrity who found out that he was a victim of a fake Facebook page, was Somizi Mhlongo, who said he discovered that there are plenty of Facebook pages under his name yet he does not have one.