Durban Gen: Phumeza faces her bad deeds


Durban Gen: Phumeza faces her bad deeds

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Durban Gen: Phumeza faces the ugly music of her actions, should she be fired?

While you’re here, please follow me.
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Phumeza supported her selfish and irresponsible sister’s 7 CHILDREN from birth till present. Her grandmother enabled the sister to keep making children, knowing very well the mother only gives birth for SASSA and leaves the child maintenance entirely TO Phumeza. The most painful thing about the situation is that Phumeza would get paid and be broke because all her money would go into supporting her sister’s children.

When she fell pregnant with Baby #8, Phumeza took the most selfless AND selfish decision of all time. She was confronted with the horror of seeing a yearning and married couple who struggled to carry a baby full term and alive. In that order, Phumeza saw the married couple befitting of having a child so when theirs passed away, she swapped it with her sister’s baby. The dead baby was declared as her sister’s, giving her one less mouth to worry about. Too bad that the hens have come home to roost, and no one cares about her reasons. She’s likely to lose her job.

The only sad thing about this storyline is that the married couple is the casualty in the war.

Her sister, on the other hand, doesn’t deserve a baby so the baby is better off away from her. In the heat of the investigations and getting to the bottom of the truth, Phumeza’s sister is still being influenced by her scamp boyfriend who sees the children as cash cows.
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He doesn’t care about the children, he doesn’t see them in his future and when they excitedly cunned about how the mix up will make them rich, he said: “the children should live with your mother, we’ll give her money if she complains!”

In short, Phumeza might be seen as the culprit here, but she swapped the babies to reduce financial obligations on her end and give the married couple someone worth celebrating.

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Thoughts? Should she be fired?

Thanks for reading.

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