Durban Gen’s actress has been sexually abused by one of the actors


Durban Gen’s actress has been sexually abused by one of the actors

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It never ends in the entertainment industry, if it is not celebrities passing on then it is celebrities accusing others in the industry of sexual abuse.

An actress from Durban Gen who chooses to remain anonymous alleges that she has been sexually abused by an actor from Muvhango that airs on SABC 2. The actress revealed that the two were in a relationship but still, she was sexually abused.

“I used to get him to stop but he really wanted to do whatever he wanted to do till he was satisfied. I tried to show him what he was doing was wrong but he just wouldn’t listen”, The actress revealed.

She further said that their relationship came to an end after she ended things and decided to open a case of what had happened to her as what she went through was breaking her.

“He really didn’t care and didn’t even want to apologize. I was hoping he’d reach out and see that he violated me but he didn’t. He was the one who suggested that I go for counseling but wouldn’t give me a chance to heal. Some days when I came back from my therapist, he’d force himself on me”, the actress added.

Lieutanant-Colonel Mavela Masondo being the Police Spokesperson confirmed that the case of what allegedly happened has indeed been opened and is being investigated.

This comes after Skeemsaam’s actress, Amanda Du-Pont came out and alleged that she was sexually abused by Jub Jub who was her then partner. It is so sad to see more continuing to come out about the same issue. It is wrong for a man or woman to sexually abuse their partner. Being with the person does not mean that one has a right to do whatever that they want with that person or their body. People should learn that NO means NO and accept it as it is.


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