DurbanGen: The Slay Queen holds on to the end and wins

DurbanGen: The Slay Queen holds on to the end and wins

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The three sister wives where put on a test after their husband got tired of the way they were recklessly misusing his money and not taking care of him. They where just women who where just after his money. They could not even take care of him as most women do to their husbands.

They could not even cook for him. So he became tired of their behaviour and set a trap for them. He faked being involved in a car accident and bankruped from the accident he faked being paralised for good. He did this to see who would stay with a paralyzed broke men. He wanted to see who will stand by his side and who will leave the marriage.
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The first and second wife both couldn’t settle for a broke man and want out of the marriage. As they claim that they can’t settle for a broke and paralyzed man. Owami the slay queen is determined to stay which makes her the winner of the test. He remains with her husband.

The story line shows us how other women are just married because of money not because they love or want to take care of their husbands. Once the money is finished they are no longer interested.
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