DurbanGen: Thembi and Dr Zondo get caught on the bed together

DurbanGen: Thembi and Dr Zondo get caught on the bed together

DurbanGen is a South African medical drama telenovela. original production produoriginsStained Glass TV Production, commissioned and distributed by e,tv. The medical drama is based in Durban and reflects on the struggles of the doctors and nurses in their daily lives at Durban General Hospital.

Fanele Ntuli is a 31-year-old South African actress and Vlogger, she is well known .for playing Dr. Thandekile Zondo on Durban Gen etv.

Sibonweregokuhle Nkosi is a South African actress, singer, songwriter, model, and influencer. She is best known for her new role of Thembinator on Durban Gen. She is also an influencer for Nivea and Is the top 20 influencer for the brand.

It’s about to get more interesting .on DurbanGen as Dr Zondo and Thembinator geon-climate in the oncall room.

The two roller-coaster a roller coaster relationship as they always insugoch other and go hard on each other.

Calvin will walk in on them as they make out but he will not tell anybody at the moment as he is currently in shock.

Last night Zondo told Thembi that she meant nothing was her and that there were no prospects for a relationship between the two of them.

Thembi has now caught feelings and she wants their affair to continue but Zondo just wants to play.

Zondo told her that the first kiss meant nothing.

Zondo is currently in a loveless marriage with Sup Thabo. The two are always fightilovey-covering all lovey-dovey in public.

Now that Thembi knows that the marriage is on rocks she made her advances and had their first kiss.

Though Calvin promised he won’t tell, people think Calvin will tell Bhengu and make him swear He won’t tell anyone then the whole Durban Gen staff will know except for Thabo.

After everything Thabo did to get his life together staying clean and sober from alcohol and then this. Let’s hope who won’t go back to the alcoholic Thabo, the Thabo that doesn’t care about anyone but alcohol.

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