Emtee promises his fans to work hard for AKA

Emtee promises his fans to work hard for AKA

And during a monumental era of his career after having worked with his idol and role model AKA on his latest album, Mass Country. Emtee has rather taken time to self-introspect and reflect on his almost stagnant career whilst his fellow musicians and artists are prospering.

The love and support that he has been getting after his public outcry for not once ever hosing his own music concert or show. It appears the introspection was all her needed, as Emtee now promises scores of his supportive fans and followers that getting to the top is his number one mission. And he will be dedicating all his success to the late, Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes.

After another tweep wrote to Emtee, while wishing him for elevation and more success in his music career. Emtee promised his fans to work hard for AKA.

“I hope Emtee makes it all the way to the top!” wrote O’Fogo

“Ima do it for kiernan” wrote Emtee

Tweeps have been nothing but supportive and showing massive love the Roll Up hit-maker. And evidently during AKA’s death, leading up to his burial, Emtee has been very vocal about how AKA launched his music career when nobody wanted to work with him.

“We Fully Behind You Big Hustler…I Mean Who Bigger Than This!?” wrote Uncle DaDa

“Of course you will my g, it’s on God” wrote Singeni Lihle

“Do a tribute song for Kiernan” wrote Future Sounds

“Are we getting an AKA tribute banger, Manado steeze?” wrote Sims

“MEGACY will be right next to you” wrote Lee

The rapper took to social media to praised the late Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes for believing in his talent and elevating him. Back in 2014, Emtee had a hit single ‘Roll Up’ but it never gotten the attention it deserved. It wasn’t until he Emtee teamed up with AKA for a ‘Roll Up’ remix, and that is how his music career was launch, according to him.

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