Emtee received death threats : you are next

Emtee received death threats : you are next

Mthembeni Ndovu better known by his stage name Emtee is a South African rapper. The rapper was born in Matatiele but grew up in Rockville, Soweto which is where he was found regularly getting into talent shows. Emtee’s career began when he was only 17, and his debut hit single “Roll up” was released back in 2015, from there, Emtee has gone on to win so many accolades in his career, and he has also left the record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, which signed him when he started getting big.

Well, recently it seems things have not been going well for Emtee and his family, news has broken on the internet of Emtee as he has said that he has been receiving death threats over the past few months. He has said that he received death threats saying, “Dj Sumbody is dead, you are next”.

MDN News on Twitter also posted about Emtee’s situation, and it’s said that the rapper is looking forward to beefing up his security after receiving death threats. Emtee isn’t someone who is known for having quarrels with people in the entertainment industry, so this makes us wonder who would want to have Emtee killed.

People in the comments of the MDN news post had so many questions, as some people asked, who would want Emtee dead. Some people even went as far as speculating that maybe Emtee has gotten involved with the wrong people, and that’s why he is being targeted, while some people thought that maybe Emtee was just looking for attention so that he can continue to stay relevant.

Well, it seems things are going from bad to worse for a lot of celebrities out there, and it’s sad that these people are being targeted, as at any time we could lose another beloved celebrity.

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