Emtee’s recent interview leaves SA concerned

Emtee’s recent interview leaves SA concerned

‘He needs help’: Emtee is making headlines after his Podcast, and Chill with MacG interview made rounds on social media.

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Award-winning rapper Emtee – real name Mthembemi Ndevu – is making headlines after his recent Podcast and Chill with MacG interview.

The rapper opened up about his private life, which always thrusts him into the top trends.


No doubt, over the years, he has had his fair share of drama, from rumoured drug addiction to marital woes. However, Mzansi was in tears after clips from his interview went viral.

The Manando hitmaker was visibly high and could not properly converse with his hosts. In one of the now-viral clips, MacG asked what made Emtee high. The star said, “I’m high on weed, the loudest in the land. I don’t have an addictive personality anymore. I can smoke like one joint a day.”

emtee is pushing south african trap to the outside world

However, the clip has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it was posted on the internet. Mzansi was quick to rubbish his claims and urged him to check into a rehabilitation facility.

A concerned X user commented, “The way he’s so annoying I can’t even listen to him anymore!!! How I wish Emtee knew how talented he is.”

Another user commented, “This isn’t weed nor lean; lean doesn’t doesn’t do much to you; I’m sure this dude takes “Mylan pills”, people that take those pills usually behave like this.”


However, this is not the first time he has made headlines for the wrong reasons. Amid their divorce in 2023, Emtee’s wife, Nicole Kendall Chinsamy, accused him of being a drug addict.

She made the damming allegations when she opened a case of assault against the star. The mother-of-three accused Emtee of being a drug addict, Sunday World reports. She made the allegations when she opened a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, which she later withdrew.

“The complainant alleges that her husband is assaulting her and invading her privacy on social media. The husband is known as Mthembeni Ndevu, with a contact number (number withheld). The complainant alleges that he is also a drug user. Case docket opened for further police investigations,” Sunday World reported.

Against the news, he rubbished the allegations. Speaking to Sunday World, he said, “Firstly, I don’t know what she is talking about because I’m not on drugs.” However, earlier that year, Emtee also took to social media to downplay reports that he is a drug addict who needs help.

“All this drug talk is pissin’ me off. I even quit Lean. I’ve been sober for a minute, so don’t come to me with that drug talk sh**. I’m done with that life! Stop trying to push agendas here,” he wrote in a tweet.


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