Enhle Mbali: Enough talking all I ask is divorce

Enhle Mbali: Enough talking all I ask is divorce

Actress Mbali Mlotshwa has clarified that her estranged husband and world-renowned deejay Black Coffee didn’t make her sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

This comes after the Rockville actress shared a tweet over the weekend, suggesting that she had been made to sign an NDA before a press briefing during which she vowed to disclose controversial details surrounding her marriage to and divorce from the award-winning musician.

“Good morning. I posted this yesterday, it seems wasn’t posted, can’t find it in my drafts. So if you signed an NDA and you’re being threatened or ‘reminded’ that you simply can’t mention it. I’m sure you’ll mention the threat or ‘reminder’ right. posing for a few of girls?” Mlotshwa shared.

This was understood because the star alluding to the thought that the deejay, whose real name is Nkosinathi Maphumulo, had made her sign a legal instrument , making her refrain from talking about their affairs.

However, following a series of tweets by Maphumulo on Tuesday, dismissing the thought that he had made her sign an NDA, Mlotshwa told City Press that she wasn’t pertaining to her estranged husband. “Did I say he made me sign the NDA? Who said i used to be talking about him. he’s crazy.”

She declined to comment further, stating that she would mention the matter at a press briefing on a date yet to be determined. “I don’t want to speak about this matter now. I publicly said i will be able to have a press briefing. So once I am ready i will be able to do this briefing publicly. I just need a divorce. That’s all i would like .”

The couple, who are currently entangled during a nasty divorce battle and a simultaneous assault court case, have resorted to airing their dirty linen publicly , with accusations and counteraccusations against one another .

On Friday, the Randburg Magistrates’ Court declined to grant a protection order against Maphumulo to Mlotshwa. This prompted the emotional mother of two to require to Instagram to release a four-minute video, slamming the choice and vowing to carry a press briefing.
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“This man lied within the court of law. He said he went under my arm, as tall as he’s , when he knows alright he hit me… He struck my hand twice and pushed me into our marital property.

“I don’t feel safe, as he’s also psychologically messing with my children, which is why I even have to face up and fight for myself.”

She also promised to bring evidence at the press briefing which might include receipts showing that Maphumulo allegedly paid journalists R15 000 to lie around her.

This video was followed by two more posts during which the actress revealed that electricity had been stop from her home and she or he was having dinner within the dark with their two sons.

So if you signed an NDA and you’re being threatened or ‘reminded’ that you simply can’t mention it. I’m sure you’ll mention the threat or ‘reminder’ right. posing for a few of girls?
Mbali Mlotshwa

However, the Drive hit maker responded by calling Mlotshwa a liar. “It brought me such a lot pain to observe your videos making fun of this example with the kids; they honestly don’t deserve this. I even have now settled the electricity bill this point , only for the sake of the youngsters . Moving forward, pay your electricity bill – the youngsters shouldn’t undergo this,” Maphumulo said within the first tweet.

“From March, I even have been sending you electricity statements which you’re conscious of . Yesterday they cut the lights and you’re here once more creating another narrative that it had been due to me. lookout of your bills,” he said.

He also revealed that he had been paying the actress a monthly maintenance of R65 000 for her and their children.
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“I’ve been taking care of all the household expenses. I lookout of all the youngsters and their school needs. On top of the all this, since November, I’ve been paying 65K towards you and therefore the kids. After our separation, I got you a totally paid car in your name,” he said.

He added that he had not made her sign an NDA.

“Just just like the assault case, there’s no NDA, there’s never been any. Ok next time accompany facts, I don’t own or have any shares on any media company.”