Enhle Mbali has been without electricity for a week

Enhle Mbali has been without electricity for a week


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December 01,2015. BEHIND EVERY MAN: Black Coffee and wife Mbali. The music icon recently celebrated a decade in the industry.Pic. Unknown @viewography

When it rains it pours and it seems, Enhle’s woes will never stop following her. From her publicized divorce with DJ Black Coffee to the time she was said to be living in the dark because she couldn’t afford to pay her own electricity bill, Enhle can’t catch a break.

It is alleged that actress Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has been without electricity again and this time for a week. City Press reports that the actress has once again failed to pay the electricity bill, leaving her and her family in the dark. But the actress and her mother have hit back at those “false” claims.
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For a second there fans were convinced that Enhle Mbali’s electricity woes had come back to haunt her, but she and her mother know nothing about that. According to the report by the publication, sources close to the actress have revealed that her electricity was cut since last week Monday, and never returned for a week.

The first time this happened Enhle Mbali made a public spectacle out of this which prompted Black Coffee’s Twitter rant – something he does not usually do. A source said that he settled the electricity bill that time and promised her to never bail her out ever again.