Enhle Mbali: l have found the love of my life!

Enhle Mbali: l have found the love of my life!


2020 was a rough year for multitalented Businesswomen and Actress Enhle Mbali following her devastating divorce from Dj Black Cofee.

The starlet sent shockwaves to their legions of fans last year after she posted an emotional video confirming their split due to infidelity and emotional abuse. The shocking revelations let the cat out of the bag that Black Coffee even fathered 2 kids out of wedlock.
Fast forward to 2020 and it seems as though self-love and healing are on Enhle’s bucket list. Enhle appears to have finally moved on from the devastating breakup.

The starlet shared a moving slow-motion video on Instagram detailing her current emotional state. Enhle revealed that she is living her best life and has moved on. She captioned the video “I found the love of my life again…” From the look of the video, one can actually see that Mbali is happy.
How beautiful is that? The video melted the hearts of industry colleagues and fans who swarmed her timeline with inspirational messages.

Who knows Enhle might be ready to mingle and find true love again.

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December 01,2015. BEHIND EVERY MAN: Black Coffee and wife Mbali. The music icon recently celebrated a decade in the industry.Pic. Unknown @viewography

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