Pics: etvScandal bid farewell to Boniswa in this way

etvScandal bid farewell to Boniswa in this way

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Boniswa’s name is now in the books of South Africa’s biggest female Villians in Soapies she portrayed her character so well and I will definitely miss her devious ways, it really interesting his haw started off as a loving mother and wife when she first joined the show back in 2016 and more than four years later she is the most feared villain.
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She really played a huge role on Scandal and this will boost her acting career in the future. Lusanda Mbane will go down as one of the best actresses in soapie herstory. She came, she slayed, she conquered! Nobody, not even the grandchildren will ever forget Boniswa Langa. This role will follow her wherever she goes and she’ll always be Boniswa.
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She might be living Scandal now but the production knows that she was a really big asset to their show and it will never be the same without her. As away to thank her for the best performance for all these years they fis a fairwell part for her thanking her for being one of the vest actresses on their show. The actress shared a few beautiful snaps of herself on her crime scene as they murder her character, biding farewell is the most painful thing for her and she had to do it in style. She really looked elegant and beautiful like never before, She has great acting skills but only problem she was given a role that made everyone hate her even her children. However, since the news of her exit on the show was revealed viewers have been showing love towards her as they know that they won’t get to see her ever again on the show. She always made it interesting and we don’t know if we will continue to enjoy it without her.
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Fans feels that the character of Boniswa and thokozile from imbewu are two of the best villain actresses to have ever graced our Tv soapies. The two world class actresses definitely deserves an award for their best acting skills.I know that they are just acting but I’ll definitely give them a Roman Reigns’s spear once I meet them. Their acting is really convincing and such talent will take them tontye top.of the acting industry, its really sad that we seeing her for the last time this week on Scandal and we widj her nothing but the best in her future and acting career.