Euphonik doesn’t have time until the end of September

Euphonik doesn’t have time until the end of September

Now he goes by his birth name Themba and he is making even more waves. Themba took to Instagram to announce he is booked until the 28th of September 2022. Mind you his world tour started on the 1st of May 2022.
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Between the days he goes to various cities he reserved himself a few rest moments. He may be a rockstar but he is not a machine. Themba dedicated some days for flying and a little bit of time for rest.

Cities he’s been in so far

Since the 1st of May 2022 Themba has played in one of the world’s biggest party capitals Ibiza. He went to India and played in both Mumbai and New Delhi. Themba also went to Dubai to play in the Emirates. He took over the UK when he performed in Lisbon and then later went to Paris.

Being booked until the 28th of September is a lot of days. As an international DJ, he has fans all across the globe. Themba will go to Ibiza a few times from now. He will go to Geneva and Zurich. Some of his other performances will be in Drake’s hometown Toronto. Busa’s hitmaker will play in the fun and hip Miami. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and the city is also on the cards.

Of course, we didn’t mention each and every city the superstar DJ will be playing in. We also didn’t list the cities in any particular order.
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With celebrities in general their followers are not just their fans. Some of their followers are young people aspiring to be just like them. His comment section buzzed with people saying they are inspired. When an artist is this booked and is this busy then it means they are doing something right.

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When Themba was going by his stage name Euphonik he released a lot of hits. After he rebranded he worked on a more global sound. His current sound is a fusion of electro dance music and tribal house music. Some of his recent hits include the love song Colours by J’Something. Another one of his hits is titled Who Is Themba.

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