Exclusive: DJ Jazzy D And Martin On increasing R670 000 For Mandela Day


Exclusive: DJ Jazzy D And Martin On increasing R670 000 For Mandela Day

Exclusive: DJ Jazzy D And Martin On increasing R670 000 For Mandela Day

Mandela Day is upon, the international day which is widely known globally to honor the lifetime of the late stalwart Nelson Mandela’s devotion to humanity and humanitarian causes will still promote the spirit of giving back even this year, despite the coronavirus outbreak.

It is no secret that the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has put tons of plans and activities on standstill, but South Africans aim to hold on Madiba’s legacy and help those that are needy during these trying times.

ZAlebs recently trapped with DJ Jazzy D who has joined hands towards an honest cause with Jacaranda FM’s morning Angels Martin Bester, in raising enough funds to feed 40 000 South Africans in desperate need!

#GMAMandelaDay recently called on listeners and clients from everywhere SA, and further afield, to form donations towards this initiative via the donate button on their website, with each R67 making it possible to feed a family of 4.
Exclusive: DJ Jazzy D And Martin On increasing R670 000 For Mandela Day
The initiative which started a couple of days ago has been receiving an awesome response from the masses as a whopping R572 538, has been raised in only two days since the initiative’s launch on 13 July. This was added to DJ Jazzy D’s total of R85 000 and topped up by Jacaranda FM’s morning Angels to go away a total of R670 000, or 40 000 meals for South Africans in need.

Jazzy D, who received a call from Martin Bester to reveal the ultimate amount raised, couldn’t be twiddling my thumbs the tears: “I don’t know what to mention but ‘thank you’. Many folks are concerned with a brand of coffee that we can’t find during a store, or when we’ll be ready to attend the films again, while many of us don’t know where their next meal is going to be coming from. It’s amazing what we will do if we just check out the person next to us and believe that they’re worth living for, albeit they don’t believe it themselves,” he said.

Martin said they need done numerous projects but this one, is that the first of its kind that on Mandela Day they’re going to be feeding many people, “Good Morning Angels has done projects at this scale but not necessarily feeding, last year we raised money to urge children heart operations. We benefit Morning Angels hebdomadally, before this project we handed out 500 000 to varied charities who take care of the vulnerable, before that we joined hands with another company to offer those that lost income during the lockdown, so hebdomadally we are involved and that we realize how important it’s for those that can to help those that can’t,” said Martin Bester.

Jazzy D said they’re going to be assisting 15 cities to feed between 8-10 soup kitchens within the area “We plan to help tons of soup kitchens across the country. we’ve just over 15 cities we’ll be working with, and every city we’ll be assisting between 8-10 soup kitchens. At the instant we are within the process of calling everyone to work out what proportion are going to be allocated to every charity,” he said.
Exclusive: DJ Jazzy D And Martin On increasing R670 000 For Mandela Day
Martin said although the coronavirus pandemic has changed tons of things, they’re pleased with the very fact that they’re going to still lend a hand “Normally we might ask people what they’re doing during the 67 minutes of Mandela day, but that appears different with the lockdown. For now, we are asking them to offer us R67 which is given to people, during a way of feeding them and it’s also to inform folks that they’re not forgotten, we all know about them and that we care about them and that we attempt to help where we will,” he added.

Jazzy D said they’re going to get on the bottom in Pretoria on Saturday, to assist with the preparations and therefore the distributions of the meals. “On behalf of Pretoria, the world that we’ll cover we will be hands-on, we’ll be there when the meals get cooked and handed over to the people, two its a hands-on project.”

Deirdre King, director of Jacaranda FM, said, “It’s truly humbling to ascertain what a huge, life-giving difference is often made in only two days on the air, with thousands across South Africa opening their hearts to those less privileged – people they don’t know and should alright never get to satisfy. We extend our deepest gratitude to every single individual and company that made this possible.”

Martin extended his gratitude to their listeners in lending a hand and to Jazzy D for starting this initiative “I’ve always maintained that we have the foremost generous listeners within the country, if not the planet. many thanks to each one among you who progressed to mention ‘I will help’. it’s our privilege to urge behind Jazzy with this amazing initiative and to form an impactful difference this Mandela Day – offering thousands a hearty, healthy meal!”
Exclusive: DJ Jazzy D And Martin On increasing R670 000 For Mandela Day
More donations are often made to DJ Jazzy D’s project via www.feedafamily.co.za and updates are going to be made available via his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/djjazzyd, also as on his show, The party with DJ Jazzy D.
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