Exclusive: Miss SA 2020 Shudu Musida on passion for performing


Exclusive: Miss SA 2020 Shudu Musida on passion for performing

Former Miss SA (2020) Shudu Musida opened up about her passion for performing after making it to ‘The Masked Singer SA’ S2 top four.



Miss SA 2020 Shudu Musida opened up about her passion for performing after making it to The Masked Singer SA season two finale on Saturday 29 June.


Former Miss SA (2020) Shudu Musida opened up about her passion for performing in an exclusive interview with The South African, at The Masked Singer South Africa media event held at the Saxton Hotel in Johannesburg. Shudu, who hid under the mask of Blue Crane, made it to The Masked Singer South Africa season two finale, which aired on S3 on Saturday 29 June.


Giraffe, who was revealed as legendary South African actor Warren Masemola, won the competition. In an exclusive interview with The South African, he revealed that he manifested his win. While Blue Crane along with Owl and Gold also made it to the top four, and subsequently the finale.

Blue Crane was joined by Owl, which was revealed as actor Aubrey Poo. Gold was revealed to be gospel singer Sbu Noah. While Shudu is known for beauty pageants and advocating against bullying, she also revealed that she has always been passionate about performing.

“I love performing, I started singing when I was four. The only way my great grandmother would get me to church was if I was singing. The only way my paternal grandmother would also get me to school was literally just that. When I was in grade three I was in the provincial choir in Mpumalanga – grade three and grade four,” she said exclusively to The South African.

“In grade four I stopped singing because of the bullying. So, it was great to come back to my first love. The thing I knew as a child was this is what I wanted to be doing for a living. But obviously the bullying and all the work that I am dedicated to anti-bullying is a reflection of everything that I’ve been through. But to feel like I now have my full circler moment is incredible,” she continued.


Shudu also revealed that her favourite part of being on The Masked Singer South African season two was the detectives. This season J’Something from Micasa, Somizi Mhlongo, Skhumba Hlophe and Sithelo Shozi served as the super sleuth detectives. Personal favourite for the former Miss SA? Easy, Somizi!

“Somizi… Somizi is so funny. There was an episode where I sang, I think it was the Nomvula episode, and then before that when they were like ‘Shudu, Shudu, Shudu,’ and he was like Shudu is Venda, there is no way that is Shudu. And you when you’re under a mask and you’re laughing your head off. So, my favourite part of the show was the detectives because they were so funny, and even their reasons,” she said.

The beauty queen also revealed that the top three favourite songs that she performed was Viva la Vida by Coldplay, In Common by Alicia Keys, Black Coffee remix and Nomvula, by Freshly Ground.

Shudu also performed Mnike by Tumelo.za and Tyler ICU and the video went viral on TikTok, with 3.6 million views and 146 accounts used the sound.

“I didn’t know until now. Wow that is so cool, people are using my song, my version of Mnike. I’m TikTok official,” she said.

So, aside from the top four, who were all the celebrities unmasked on The Masked Singer season two? Take a look.


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