Expensive gifts can’t buy Sarah Langa’s forgiveness. Fam, you mean even a diamond neckpiece wouldn’t make you forgive?


Expensive gifts can

‘t buy Sarah Langa’s forgiveness. Fam, you mean even a diamond neckpiece wouldn’t make you forgive?

DJ Zinhle once said “Forgiveness is a gift to the self”‘. It was this particular post that came to mind when Sarah Langa engaged in a debate about men using gifts to “earn” (or more specifically, buy) forgiveness from their partners after seemingly doing wrong.

It all began on another timeline entirely; when Sithelo Shozi tweeted “Apology accepted” with a video of some very expensive gifts she had received. Sithelo, who is a popular DJ, socialite and mom to one of the most famous toddlers in the country (Makhosini), appeared to be in a forgiving mood after being bribed gifted with an iPhone, Dom Perignon and what looked like a thousand roses. Travis Scott would approve yazi, take a look:

Most people in her comments were either fawning over the beautiful gift or joking about what her man could have done but it was widely agreed that the gesture was a sweet one.

We say “widely” and not “totally” because one woman who wasn’t buying the apology is socialite and model, Sarah Langa. The popular blogger is no stranger to the life of luxury but she made it clear that her forgiveness doesn’t have a price tag when she replied to Sithelo:

The two engaged back and forth briefly, with Sithelo pointing out that this was her apology and therefore her decision to grant forgiveness but Sarah Langa wasn’t having it:

On the basis of it all, Sarah’s argument makes sense: men do the most and seemingly get a free pass after showering their women with gifts. However, after being swatted away by Sithelo and being told to mind her own business, Sarah decided not to interfere with the relationships of others:

Do you think Sarah had the right to try and correct another sister out or should she simply have followed the AKA rule of life: drink water and mind your own business?

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