Faith is set Zwide’s house on fire and there was a woman and a baby girl inside

Faith is set Zwide’s house on fire and there was a woman and a baby girl inside

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Issac and Faith were an item when they were dating, they were young and struggling in the township at Tembisa. Issac was a gangster before then, he set Zwide’s house on fire and there was a woman and a baby girl inside. The mother of a child did not make it but the child survived. When Issac heard the child crying and she took her and raised her as his.

At the House of Zwide they dealing with fabrics that design clothes and doing fashion shows. They are partnered with De Villiers in business. Faith wanted three interns to work at their business. They made an event where the successful winners will work at House of Zwide and compete with other companies.

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Ona and her two friends stole fabrics including House of Zwide in a warehouse. Ona was able to design her dress with the fabric that was specially made by the late daughter of Zwide Zobuhle. She was turning twenty-one but they didn’t know that someone saves her. Ona came to Zwide events wearing the dress she made with Zwide fabric.

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When House of Zwide interns were parading with the designers they made, Ona showed up wearing the same dress that was designed by Zokuhle. Funani immediately stopped her and he was so furious asking her where did she get the fabric. She said I bought it from one of the plazas to people who are street vendors. Funani called security and Ona was arrested on that day.

Funani offered her the job seeing her talent, also he said will take House of Zwide to the next level. The parents of Ona wanted to sue the House of Zwide because Zanele stole the portfolio where Ona was designing. Funani avoided the noise between the two families by humbling himself and gave her the job. Faith his wife didn’t like it and she said I, l make sure that her life miserable because her husband did it behind her back.

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On the first day, Ona did not enjoy her job because Zanele throws the beads on the floor. Faith told Ona to pick them according and sort them according to their size and colours. Faith also offered other interns a place to stay except Ona who had to travel to and from. She kept on changing the time in for the interns but excluded Ona.

She did not even start to perform her duties but kept on doing the dirty jobs arranged by Faith and her daughter Zanele. Ona noticed that she is not welcomed but she was able to maintain her smile towards her parents with them noticing that she is treated badly at House of Zwide.