Faith Nketsiwhen she was a teenager her body was like today

Faith Nketsiwhen she was a teenager her body was like today

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Faith Nketsi has constantly been accused of having had done some work done on her body in order to alter it to be as perfect as it is at the moment.

She has however now added pictures which tell us otherwise about this hearsay that has been going on for years that she has altered her body or anything like that.
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Or at least we can see that she was born with the nice curvaceous body that she has. That a lot of people are dying to have.

That some members of the Kardashian’s and Jenner clan have paid a lot money to have. Unlike them, she seemed to have been one of God’s favorite children as she was scraped like that naturally.

She has shared pictures that led to her road of fame via the protwerker to becoming this big and loved influencer that she is right now.

The youngest age she shared was when she was 15 years old. She has also mentioned that she used to get teased because of her body ratio.

She had kept almost the same crew that she had from the days that she was still a protwerker which are some of the faces that we saw on the least season of her reality show, #HaveFaith.

Which includes her best friend Kim Kholiwe.