Faith Nketsi eats five times a day


Faith Nketsi eats five times a day and that’s what I eat.

Having a bad eating habit isn’t something really surprising but what surprises the most is the type of person doing it. Usually when you are a LADY, especially a top woman, people would obviously be expecting something of class from you.

Mzansi rapper and slay queen, Faith Nketsi, took to social media to reveal what she had eaten on a particular day, admitting to having bad eating habits.

On Wednesday, 4 March 2020, Faith Nketsi took to Twitter and ridiculed herself for her bad eating habits. The reality star shared a list of the food she had eaten in one day, personally disapproving of her eating habits. Her list included a burger, wings, a wrap, and doughnuts, amongst other things.

Here is the List of the food she ate, all in one day:

She, therefore, went on to admit she truly has a bad eating habit and she said, ‘I honestly don’t think anyone in this world eats more than I do 😭 I’m disgusted at myself‘.