Faith Nketsi why would you cheat with a broke rapper?

Faith Nketsi why would you cheat with a broke rapper?

A recent picture of Faith and Da Les looking all cozy has ruffled so many feathers and continues to fuel cheating allegations. Faith has since denied cheating on her husband by saying she has known Da Les for over a decade and asked if she is no longer allowed to hang out with her peers or not.

“Hao bathing. I’ve known everyone in this pic for more than a decade… so I can’t hang out with my peers now ?… aye LEAVE ME ALONE. Le ska borera hodima ka please!”

Slik Talk has made another video dragging Faith for filth but this time he took aim at Da Les.

“Faith Nkesti is already cheating on this poor pathetic simp. She is out here in the club getting touchy-feely with a broke rapper like Da Les. Why would you cheat on your man with a failed rapper turned podcaster? That is low,” said Slik Talk.

He then added that “No married woman should be acting like this. Getting handsy with broke rappers. You could have picked people like Maphorisa or Kabza who are actually getting money.”

He then called Da Les a podcaster who is no longer making real money from rap.

In a previous video, Slik Talk called Faith Nketsi a wanna be Kim Kardashian who has no real talent.

“She’s a bootleg version of Kim Kardashian. This girl has been fake hungry since she was 15. She opened a twerking group that fell on its face. She started a rap career that fell on its face. She started so many businesses that fell on its face,” says Slik.

“This man is NOT a hardworking man, is a scammer…and, no hardworking man in his right mind would marry Faith Nketsi,” he said. “It was not until death do us part but until you go broke,” he added.

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Faith and Nzuzo have a little baby together. She gushed over them in numerous Instagram posts.

“Just like that! That is it from me with my pregnancy journey and I’d like to thank you guys so much, not only for respecting my decision to keep it private but also for accepting and loving me and baby Sky.

“To those that saw me out when pregnant and didn’t say/leak or take a picture and still walked up to me and said congratulations THANK YOU. I can’t begin to thank my family and friends, you guys honestly made everything 100 percent more special for me.”

“Baba ka Sky my love NGIYABONGA! You’re my peace, my comfort, and my strength. You make life that much more special. You will forever have my heart till I’m no longer on this earth. No matter what, you will forever remain, my family, because you gave me the most beautiful gift of being a mother.”

“I’ll forever grant you respect and love for taking that leap of faith with me. I thank God for giving me the strength to keep our baby safe for 9 months and bringing her into this world healthy and oh-so beautiful. Motherhood is not scary at all because you oh mighty Lord blessed me with the most peaceful, calm, and sweet little lady. You gave me a best friend for life. Lord guide me while I raise a Queen,” she concluded.

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