Fans are asking if Lasizwe Dambuza is pregnant?


Fans are asking if Lasizwe Dambuza is pregnant?

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Youtube sensation Lasizwe Dambuza is always at the receiving end of hate, especially on Black Twitter. According to many, Sweetie will do just about anything to get everyone’s attention and Mzansi is beginning to wonder whether or not he is still relevant in the industry.

This time, it seems the situation is not any different, at least not after that photo Lasizwe shared of his swollen feet on Twitter. Taking to his comment section, you can already imagine how hilarious and hurtful the comments are.

The overall sentiments are of course that he could be pregnant because we all know that swollen feet are always if not most of the time linked to pregnant women. But since we already know that Sweerie being pregnant is highly impossible, there is no explaining why tweeps would say such things about him.

But even after seeing this photo, many were still not sure whether or not these were actually Lasizwe’s feet. Bet that is what you are thinking so too right? Well, Lasizwe actually confirmed in yet another tweet that they really are his feet and let’s just say that this has landed him in ever hotter soup.

This is not the first time Lasizwe is being put under fire for his very cryptic tweets. Just the other day, he also took to his Twitter to insinuate that he was going to be a dad and this simply sent tweeps on a rampage.

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And now that he has posted a photo of his swollen feet, well, you can imagine how incredibly hilarious the whole situation looks.

And if that is not enough, barely a few hours later, Sweerie also took in another tweet to share that morning sickness sucks and all we are left to wonder is, “Really Sweerie?” Even if it was not his intention to get misunderstood, clearly everything he does and tweets is going to be blown out of proportion by Black Twitter.

His fans have also gone ahead to tell him that he shouldn’t have to force things just because he has run out of content.

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They will still stay loving and supporting him no matter what. For others, they have gone ahead to give him some remedies for his feet hoping that he gets better soon.

At this point let us just say that this will not be the last time we will be hearing from Lasizwe as he is bound to do something controversial yet again. Still, this was fat shaming on a whole new level.

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