Fans are scared for Cassper Nyovest after what he said

Fans are scared for Cassper Nyovest after what he said

Cassper Nyovest might currently be in the USA in light of the NBA Final, where he and the likes of Bontle Modiselle were invited. But it seems that Mufasa’s heart is right here in South Ah. This is as when the rest of the country was waiting for the release of the late Hip-Hop legend AKA’s last album Mass Country, Cassper was in the trenches waiting too.

As such, not only did he promote the album via his social media channels. But Cassper has even shared what he considers his favourite track on the album so far as the single, Company, featuring Nigeria’s KDDO. A collaborator that the two rappers have in common as Cassper worked with him as a feature on his single eWallet.

However, as Cassper was promoting his fan base to listen to AKA’s last album, questions on when he is planning to release the album that he promised last year arose. As such, Cassper shared yet another update as to whether his fans will likely get new Hip-Hop music from him or not.

“I feel unappreciated” – Cassper Nyovest

It all started when Cassper Nyovest took to Twitter and tweeted, “Music, I love you.” As such, it was only a matter of time until Mufasa was asked whether he plans to release a Hip-Hop album anytime soon.

Cassper then responded by sharing why he is uninterested in releasing new music given thement of the music space, sharing current tempera that he feels unappreciated.

Unfortunately, it seemed that Cassper then took offense to an honest observation from an actual fan. This is as they highlighted that Cassper’s recent releases do not have the same musicality or passion his earlier releases before the mega wealth kicked in used to have (which is true).

Cassper then asserted that he believes his next Hip-Hop album will be a smash hit when he does eventually decide to release it. Moreover, he asserted that “music must come from a real place.”

A fact which has been missing in Cassper’s 2022 releases, which when reported about at the time, was relayed as:

Cassper Nyovest promised that his upcoming album was touted as a Hip-Hop album…

As such, he began the rollout for the album through attempting “unconventional” releases. First, it was the surprise release of his lead single Put Your Hands Up. While Cassper suggested on social media that the single was instrumental in reviving Hip-Hop as it did initially climb the Apple Music charts. Anyone who can say they remember the song today is clearly a Cassper fan.

He then followed this release with 4 Steps Back, a diss track dedicated to Big Zulu. A track which is currently his biggest hit for this year as it surpassed 1 million views on YouTube. A fact which had encouraged Mufasa to release his third single of the year, Pardon My Arrogance. Safe to say that the single failed again to make an impact outside the first week of its release.

Bana Ba Stout was the last release which even before it was officially released had received mixed reviews. However, at the time of its actual release, the single did manage to trend. However, thereafter, similar to his other releases of the year, was quickly forgotten as more new music was released. As such, it comes as no surprise that Mufasa is looking to do better in the coming New Year.

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