Fans ask Faith Nketsi about her real boyfriend’s age

Fans ask Faith Nketsi about her real boyfriend’s age

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Celebrities and public figures normally like keeping their partners a secret. They will occasionally post their hands or anything else just not the face so that people don’t really know his identity. That was the case with Faith Nketsi and her boyfriend.

People had been wondering about Faith Nketsi’s relationship status since last year but it was revealed that she was in a relationship and was celebrating her anniversary when she got a brand new ranger rover from her boyfriend and posted it on Instagram.

Obviously, people were wondering who this guy really is since noone revealed his face and he was always hidden. That’s until people knew his name, Nzuzo. But there wasn’t a face that was until recently when Londy London posted a picture with him while they were on their gateway trip with friends.

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On Twitter, people started questioning his age since he looks very young especially for a guy who can afford to buy his girlfriend a brand new car.

People are now advising Faith to stop hiding him on Instagram since his face has already been revealed “So that’s the dude that bought Faith that nice Range Rover…Well, she doesn’t have to hide his face anymore on Instagram because Twitter investigators have revealed his identity. Yaz, y’all are good at these things, will y’all find out what happened to the R500 Billion?.”

Other people on Twitter were already saying that Londy is trying to get with Nzuzo and that they’re cheating but those were false rumors since both faith and Londie’s boyfriend were there. And also blondie and Nzuzo have been friends long before faith was around. A tweep shut these rumors fast by saying “They’ve been friends since before faith & nzuzo. Hlubi & nzuzo are very good mates since way back so it’s inevitable that they hang together. I’d like to believe that all parties are mature about this situation, in fact, I know they are.”

I think the guy just looks young and on a QnA on Instagram Faith did mention that they’re the same age when she was asked how old he was.

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