Fans don’t like seeing DJ Zinhle sad like this


Fans don’t like seeing DJ Zinhle sad like this

Dj Zinhle posted beautiful pictures of her at a gig. Zinhle styled a scarf as a top with jeans and she looks absolutely gorgeous. However, a fan noticed that DJ Zinhle was looking sad.

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DJ Zinhle is always full of energy at her gigs, She once even climbed in top of the table just like her baby daddy Murdah Bongz. So in these pictures it looked as if Dj zinhle was sad as she wasn’t as energetic.

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However Dj Zinhle is a mother of two so She could have just been tired. But one thing about fans is that they know their favorite celebrities and they are able to pick up on anything. Other fans were loving the pictures and said that she looks gorgeous. They said that she is a walking brand, she wears her own jewelry, drinks her own alcohol and wears her own hair.

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