fans make a cartoon strip out of Andile ,Sbahle Mpisane and MaMkhize

fans make a cartoon strip out of Andile ,Sbahle Mpisane and MaMkhize


Andile Mpisane (21); who now needs no introduction because his fame spiraled out of control; so fast over the weekend; no one will ever forget the way he got married.

He left Mzansi in awe; when he engaged his allegedly pregnant; girlfriend Tamia Louw with the most expensive diamond ring; married her and bought her an expensive vehicle all in one day.

MaMkhize and her son like to do everything publicly; from handing outwards of cash to their Royal AM club players on the pitch; to visiting Konka in their expensive cars.

MaMkhize recently graduated with a bogus honorary doctorate at a Christian College; which turned out to be; not in a position to issue degrees; ouch! One would think she will slow down after such a huge faux par; but not MaMkhize.

Shaun Mkhize likes the spectacle and she continues to push all the boundaries using her riches; just to show everyone that she is her own boss. Where was Mpisane; Andile’s father in all this?

Divorcing her former Metro cop husband; who seemed to be hindering her dreams; was like a coming off age moment for her. Her light had been deemed for a long time and she wanted to sing; “I’m coming out…” like the famous Diana Ross.

I’ve never seen a wedding that happened so fast and blindsided everyone and also become news fodder for days on end. Weird as it is; it should be called the wedding of the year.

Anyone who will get married after this cannot top that. As for Sithelo; Andile’s girlfriend and mother of his two children; they hit her over the head with a brick; she did not see that one coming after she got an expensive vehicle herself from Mpisane in November.

A Twitter user has created what looks like a funny cartoon strip using MaMkhize and her children; it follows below:

Shaun “I’m so bored today what can I do?”

Shaun: “Ahaaaaa; I’ve got an idea.”

Shaun smiling: “My baby when you return from gym in the afternoon; I have a surprise for you.”

Sbahle smiling back: “Ok mommy; I’ll come back early.”

Shaun: “Andile; when you return from buying a Mazzerati; I have a surprise for you.”

Andile: “Ok mom; can I buy one for Sithelo as well?.”

And that right there is a start of a cartoon. People have time to think of all hilarious things.