fans to Julius Malema: Stop chasing clout because someone famous died

fans of Julius Malema: Stop chasing clout because someone famous died

Julius. Sello Malema the CIC of the EFF opposition party went to Twitter to express his expressions about the passing of the famous music DJ sumbody who passed on earlier this morning, he said that “we had failed you, like many others, you are the victim of a mafia state, failed state, Robala mfanaka but I am not ok.” He said.

people now started calling him a clout chaser since everyone can also die by being shot but he won’t post, they are not forgetting that DJ somebody was a well-known celebrity and a music producer,

They say “You’re right we are handled by cigarette smugglers, people who carry out bank heists, politicians who are scamming South Africans,” and we must live with them everyday some of them are foreigners,

Crime is very horrible, just yesterday we we laid to rest a young man with a masters degree & had developed his own detergent. Boy had a bright future.Brutal crime has taken his life, anyone can be a victim, no victim of crime is more important than any other. Laws need to bite.

they are saying he must leave some things and focus on his politics that’s what he is good at. The country is lawless but who can we blame it to ?

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