Fans to King Monada: Drugs are not good

Fans to King Monada: Drugs are not good

King Monada is among some of the greatest and biggest artist in the South African music industry and he is loved by many of his die hard fans and in light of this he has successfully remained relevant for over 5 years.
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Back in 2018 he released one of his biggest sons called Malwedhe and the song was a hit as so as it was being considered song of the year 2018 and things turned out different at 00:00.

Monada did not win the song of the year instead Mshoza with his Van Damme song won the award and Monada did not take this likely even his fans were not happy about it.

He (Monada) Recently released a video of himself singing Van Damme as song of the year 2021 in a dissing fashion and fams have been reacting to this.


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And one fan even went on to say “Drubgs are not good” in reference to how Monada was acting on the video.

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