Fans: We won’t watch BBMzansi if the cheating continues


Fans: We won’t watch BBMzansi if the cheating continues


Nothing is as upsetting as being told you have power and then feeling cheated. This is the case for many viewers who watch and vote for their faves passionately.

Terry and Libo were discussing how viewers’ votes don’t mean anything because Biggie ends up deciding who stays and leaves since his word and conviction are final.

These are serious allegations. Biggie did one better and acted like he didn’t hear anything and this is part of the reason why viewers feel betrayed. The moment he heard that guests in his house are interrogating his integrity, he should have tried to strike them so that it serves as a warning to anyone who attempts something similar.

As a viewer, being told that your vote doesn’t count and knowing that you buy countless sims to vote, feels like a slap in the face. Reassurance that the allegations are untrue would be the only consolation but even that is not happening.

In the same breath, viewers have concluded that the only way to exercise their power is to stop watching the show altogether, that is until Biggie takes them seriously and tackles the elephant in the room.

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Nonhle lashed out saying, “Viewers are the biggest stakeholders of the show, especially because we watch with the aim of voting most of the time. To them, our efforts mean nothing since votes don’t count. They went from disrespecting biggie to now disrespecting us viewers/voters. This is beyond undermining.”

Thoughts? Do you think viewers are justified in wanting to boycott the show?

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Source: Big Brother Mzansi on DStv channel 198

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