Fikile Mbalula ‘It was a one night stand…’ the Minister comes clean.

‘It was a one-night stand…’ the Minister comes clean.

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Fikile Mbalula, also known as ‘Mr. Fix It’ has hit the half a century mark, 50 years, and there’s no better way to celebrate him, but look at the times he’s made people laugh at his own expense.

To many, Fikile Mbalula has always been a source of entertainment since he became active on these social streets. However, he’s also had a few runs in with celebrities where it wasn’t on good terms and we can’t forget that nude pic drama.

As he turns into a new phase of his life, here’s a dive down into his most memorable events in the past year.

Somizi found himself in hot water after a video of him and his colleague Dineo Ranaka went viral. In the video, Somizi could be heard saying that there will be an announcement from Fikile Mbalula, as he had got confirmation from him, on the extension of the lockdown.

Many were surprised when Fikile Mbalula came out and denied that he leaked the news of the lockdown extension before the official announcement was made.

In a bid to clear his name and not tarnish his image, Somizi later changed his statement claiming he was joking and that Mbalula, his friend had not told him anything.

Looks like the joke was on Somizi.

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Fikile Mbalula VS Ntsiki Mazwai

There’s no rest on Twitter is there? As soon as you think the dust has settled another battle ensues. This time around Ntsiki couldn’t remain silent after the minister did something despicable according to her.

This all began after Mbalula sent a tweet to his favorite artist Beyonce, but little did Mbalula know that his tweet would infuriate Ntsiki Mazwai who went on to write an open letter addressed to him.

From the opening of the letter, we knew it was trouble. However, the part of the letter that had us cringing and making uncomfortable faces was when Ntsiki ridiculed the Minister’s dress code at the Channel O Music Awards.