Finally MaYeni reveals the reason for her anger

Finally MaYeni reveals the reason for her anger 1 3

MaYeni has been trending since last week, it may seem as though people are seeing a different side of her personality. It looks like MaNgwabe is apparently fine and friendly only when it come to the kids and her sister wives. Although she allegedly look a bit moody only when Mseleku is around, some viewers still felt like she was always moody.
MaYeni was trending because of the way she was acting while she was with her sister wives. Although MaYeni seems happier and nicer when she is with their husband, it looks like she is rude and moody when she is with her sister wives.
MaYeni did not receive a flower on the previous episode, which brought a lot of questions to viewers. A lot of people feel like MaYeni is really different in this new season, they feel like she is a bit mean. There might be something that is probably bothering MaYeni, you can tell from how she speaks to her sister wives.
MaNgwabe has shown the viewers a different side of her personality, she gets more upset with her husband than her sister wives. Mseleku might not always spend time with all his wives but he loves and care about them. MaYeni is still angry about not being the first wife, it looks like she is putting the blame on her sister wives too.