Finally Pretty introduces her Baby to Seakamela household.

Finally Pretty introduces her Baby to Seakamela household.

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Pretty is a character on Skeem Saam, she is the youngest daughter of Mantuli. Pretty was in a relationship with Nimza when she was in high school, Nimza was in varsity. She left Nimza and upgraded to Katleho her brother’s friend a restaurant owner. However Pretty cheated on Katleho with Lehasa a well-established businessman with multiple businesses, talk about a mover Pretty is.

Although Pretty left Joburg after getting caught cheating with Lehasa by her brother and his friends Thabo and Katleho her boyfriend. She found out in the past weeks that she is pregnant.

Pretty couldn’t tell her family of her current situation so she resorted to trying to terminate her pregnancy but her efforts haven’t been successful. Eunice her bestfriend had to come clean to Pretty’s family after she had lied to them about Eunice being pregnant.

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In tonight’s episode, her family asked to meet with Katleho’s family. However Pretty went to ask Katleho not to pitch for the meeting as she knew he wasn’t her baby daddy. Katleho and his grandmother came to the meeting and told Mantuli that katlehi wasn’t the one who got Pretty pregnant.

Pretty told her family that Lehasa got her pregnant. One wonders what will happen next given the drama between Lehasa and the people of Turfloop specifically Mantuli Pretty’s mother.

In high school Pretty used to mock Leshole on how ugly and poor he was and I remember in one episode Leshole told Pretty she was gonna get pregnant after highschool. Isn’t it amazing how words turn out to be a reality.
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In this case Pretty’s family is a family of liars and cheaters. Their mother cheated with her bestfriend’s husband. Kwaito continues to be in a love triangle. While Pretty upgrades her men by status. Lehasa finally gets what he has always wanted.