Find out what Tebogo Thobejane gets paid for appearing in clubs

Find out what Tebogo Thobejane gets paid for appearing in clubs

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When Tebogo Thobejane first appeared on Muvhango, she was the buzz of the town. The soap opera’s viewers adored her portrayal of Belinda and her obvious talent for acting. Tebogo’s name is constantly trending on social media, and there have already been numerous stories written on her

Muvhango, a popular soap opera in South Africa, catapulted Tebogo Thobejane into the public eye. She’s an accomplished actress who also has her own company. On OnlyFans, she made a stunning R1 million.

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For a three-hour hosting appearance, she costs club owners R20 000. It’s possible for Tebogo to host three times a week. This means that she can earn up to R60 000 a week in salary. A lot of people don’t even get paid R20 000 a month, but she does. Her commercial acumen is evident in such an accomplishment.

Thobejane is a mother of a 14-year-old son in her mid-thirties. She doesn’t mind being referred to be a slay queen because her lifestyle is so polished. Dubai, Nigeria, and Kenya are three of the most common destinations from which she receives bookings.

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With regards to her OnlyFans profile. She began it in order to supplement her income, and it was a complete success. Her OnlyFans account generates an income of R200 000 every month for her. This suggests that her personal stuff is well-liked.

Interestingly, in order to view her private videos, you must first pay R249 a month for a subscription. If she had her own channel on DSTV, she would have attracted millions of viewers.

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As a result of COVID-19 layoffs, a number of creators joined the site in order to earn money. Fans are the only ones who will ever know your identity. However, this does not imply that your other users must be aware of your identity. Creating a profile is an option.