Find out who killed Boniswa Mamba in Scandal.

Find out who killed Boniswa Mamba in Scandal.

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Scandal fans have been complaining about Boniswa’s character later in the show. People have been calling her to quiet since she’s starting to be boring. Boniswa has been killing and committing crimes without getting caught.

Boniswa’s role in Scandal is coming to an end. The justice is finally being served for all the crimes and fraud she has committed. According to the source Boniswa’s contracts with Scandal is coming to an end. Boniswa has join Scandal since in 2016 of her first appearance in TV. She has grown a lot more special in acting. It sad that her character had to die on the show to pursue her acting career.

Boniswa is going down by scandal is not going to be the same without her. She’s a good actor l will miss her. She has leff the popular daily drama and guess who will kill her role… it’s Grace. Xolile and Grace have uncover the dark truth about Boniswa and Romeo. Xolile always covered for her mother knowingly what she’s capable of. It’s unfortunate that this time around she’s her own mother’s victim. Never cover for your loved ones coz one day the knife will point straight to you.

Actress Lusanda Mbane has said goodbye to Scandal after her five-year stint as the villainous Boniswa Langa. Lusanda Mbane, who played the villainous role of Boniswa Langa on’s No 1 soapie Scandal will be gunshot by Grace. Taking revenge is simple when it comes to killing Boniswa.
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Lusanda nailed her villainous “Boniswa” character. Her fans have always loved her from Abomzala till now. Farewell to her and all the best in her future endeavors. Scandal will be boring without her, wish she was able to escape yoooo, every bad deed done by a mother there’s an explanation behind them, and am sure Boniswa had a valued reason for whatever she did but now the Langa empire has fallen down a sob. Boniswa nailed her character she deserves an award.

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