Flvme’s ex-girlfriend alleges that her baby daddy Mtunzi ‘Shogun’ abused her


Flvme’s ex-girlfriend alleges that her baby daddy Mtunzi ‘Shogun’ abused her

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A video of reality star, Lebo M’s step-son, Mthunzi “Shogun’, allegedly trying to break into her home, has gone viral. The video shows a very violent Shogun attempting to break the sliding door open while his baby mama, Ashleigh Ogle, is filming him.

Mthunzi is Lebo M’s step-son born to Angela. The 19-year-old understands what it means to have Lebo M as a step-dad – he’s strategic and keeps Lebo M

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Gender based violence is a very serious occurrence in the country and it prompted President Cyril Ramaphosa’s swift intervention. Over the last few years, we have seen women, children and a few men loosing their loves, sometimes at the hands of their loved ones.

So, GBV is not something that society takes very lightly, and any man associated with it, gets cancelled immediately. Rapper Flvme’s ex-girlfriend, Ashleigh, has been the talk of the town after she accused her baby daddy and ex-boyfriend Shogun, of abuse.

She shared a series of video clips of him allegedly acting violent to get to her and their daughter, at their home. She alleges that his mother and sister, watched him attack her.
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“This morning, my daughter and I were victims of domestic violence. Our home was broken into, belongings smashed and vandalised too. I did fight back to defend and protect myself and my daughter.

“His mother and sister arrived at the scene and watched him try to get physical with me and my daughter. I’m making these statement incase my home gets broken into again and something happens to one of us again. He has access to everything, including my accounts. Trust nobody,” she wrote.

Ashleigh then denied attacking him saying she was only trying to fight back in defense to her and their daughter. She alleged that he hit himself to in front of their daughter to try and make it seem as though she did.

She then says she is not associated to her baby daddy or anybody that is close to him.

Watch the horrific video below:

She then shared another video of him trying to break into a small window with burglar guards, saying he will damage them. “I am gonna break this thig and I am going to get in,” he is heard saying.

The two of them went on IG live and they are co-accusing one another for this horrific incident, which unfortunately happened in front of a child.

He then left a lengthy note where he regrets the incidences that have occurred within their relationship and says she deserves better. “You deserve a man, not a boy growing into a man.”

Rapper Flvme has reacted to this incident and it might seem he is enjoying it a little too much. He said, “So This Dude Actually Did What You’ve Been Lyin’ On My Name About …? God Works In Crazy Ways,” and added a few emojis.

Their relationship was also very toxic as it was revealed by him that she cheated on him.

Another ZALeb accused of abuse is Mbuso Mandela who exposed himself for abusing his girlfriend, “My name is Mbuso Mandela, and I am a woman abuser. I put my girlfriend’s head through the window and through the trellidor, and I strangled her. She needs me to admit it so I am admitting it. In front of everybody. To everybody,” he claimed

But his girl denied being abused by him, “I’m doing this video just to show to you guys that he did not abuse me. I don;t know why…well I do, know why he posted that. In our angry little fight I called him on his bluff. As you can see there are no bruises. My face is fine.

“Not too sure where he had my head through a trellidor, but I’m pretty sure it would have been swollen. There’s the trellidor, no marks. You will notice that there is a small blue mark over there, but that happened maybe Thursday when I was at Saint.

“Bumped into a person, and got a blue mark, and I bruise easily, so as you can see, nothing,” she said.

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