For these reasons people love McG podcast

For these reasons people love McG podcast

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Coming into the entertainment industry at a very young age, MacGyver Mukwevho who is better known as “McG” escalated his career from radio presenting to podcasting. The McG podcast began a few years back, in a time whereby podcasts were not yet fully recognized transmitters of information. During that period, he might have conducted a number of interviews that were relevant, informative and excellent. However, due to the unpopularity of podcasts then, he was not fully recognized.

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Now, a few years later. The McG podcast is one of the biggest in the country with more than five hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube and other listeners on other platforms. Besides the time shift and the recognition that is now given to podcasts: Why do people watch so much of McG’s content that he produces with his co-workers, the likes of “Ghost lady” and “Solophenduka”?

This article will provide a broad analysis of this podcast and show why people might be attracted to it.

1. Entertainment

People love being entertained, but not everything counts as entertainment to everyone. Still and so, undoubtedly; bad, shocking, gossip and exaggerated news always catch attention of vast majority. This is precisely what McG does perfectly. He is able to illuminate what is out there and sometimes exaggerate for more viewers. For example: He uses people’s (celebrities) experiences which he knows are of high demand in the public domain, and fans always feel entitled to know more about the personal aspect of celebrities’ life. McG being someone who was once exposed to the ins of the industry is definitely using this to his advantage and as a form of entertainment.

2. Opinion, views, and stances

Some people are genuinely interested to know the views of the podcaster. Particularly, the view of SolPhenduka who is a good pun creator on the show.

In all of this, one can never ignore the societal effects and possible inequalities that this podcast may be perpetuating. These MAY include: women vs men, people who do certain jobs in society vs those who do more socially acceptable jobs.

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