ForeveMybe: Twitter supports this lady because of what her husband did

ForeveMybe: Twitter supports this lady because of what her husband did


The show #ForeveMybe is another show that helps couple deal with their marriage issues. We have seen couples who recently went to the show with the hope that they are going to get help to overcome whatever challenges they have.

It is sad to say most of these marriages are beyond repair because most of the confessions during the show might finish the marriages after. It appears that most woman stays in a relationship that is toxic because of the kids.

In this latest episode of #ForeverMaybe, viewers of the show are not happy with Joy and her husband Thabo after realizing that the lady is staying because of the kids.

The lady has been humiliated by her husband after he allows his side chick to disrespect her. Her husband’s sidekick has been saying Joy is ugly when she’s pregnant and she even throws away her ring to make his sidechick happy.

She can smell when her partner has been cheating. She takes a shower after having sex with her husband because she believes the scent of the woman he sleeps with is on her.

Viewers have noticed that Joy is not holding her husband accountable. Hence she’s still holding on, and she’s damaging herself in the process.

The lady still says she hopes they can still be happy again as they once were. #ForeverMaybe viewers think Joy doubt herself a lot that she’s scared that if she left Thabo she will never find someone.

We hope we are all taking in what Joy is saying that infidelity is so damaging. Ladies we need to love and choose ourselves over anything and anyone.

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