ForeverMaybe: What happened to this lady deserves sympathy and support

ForeverMaybe: What happened to this lady deserves sympathy and support

Mzansi have reacted on Thabo and Skhumbuzo after they cheated countless times on their wives. Mzansi have love the fact that the roles are reversed and they are catching the fire. Viewers has been feeling sorry for Joy after noticing that her husband Thabo does not love and respect her. Mzansi were left heartbroken after hearing that Thabo has been accepting gifts from his girlfriend for his child’s birthday.

He couldn’t handle the things Joy was bringing about him accepting and bring gifts home so he quickly flipped the script so she ends up apologizing and him deflecting. Mzansi has been failing to understand why Thabo is sad. Thabo was seen walking out of the therapy session while they discussing about the Joy’s system.

Based on my understanding, Thabo is not necessarily upset by her cheating, but the fact that Joy says he threw the phone for no reason or flirtatious messages. He’s saying he saw certain texts in her phone, (which Joy denies). Also based on traumas, situations, it’s possible to interpret or hear what someone didn’t say.

The above doesn’t make either of the story less true but it messes up. For example, it’s possible Phelicia never used the word “nonsense”, but her words made Thabang interpret as that. When he relays the story, he’ll explain how he took it, the problem is when something happened.

Joy is confused. She literally said the same thing in therapy that Felicia said. But I think she didn’t understand what Felicia was saying. She thinks Felicia said Thabos’ sex smells. While back, it becomes blurry what was actually said and what you heard. So I doubt Thabang could quote word for word what wifey said, but what he explained is how he took it.

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