Former Durban Gen actress Nelisiwe Sibiya “Mbali’ has finally responded to people saying that she is not a v!rgin.

Former Durban Gen actress Nelisiwe Sibiya “Mbali’ has finally responded to people saying that she is not a v!rgin.

Durban Gen Actress: ‘My Virginity is None of Your Business!’

By Mavi Ngcobo

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Nelisiwe Sibiya, who plays Dr. Mbali on the popular TV show “Durban Gen,” has had enough of invasive questions about her personal life. The 30-year-old actress, known for her vibrant portrayal of a proud Zulu maiden, often finds herself at the center of a recurring and highly personal query: “Is she still itshitshi, or isn’t she?”

Nelisiwe, who frequently shares photos of herself in traditional Zulu attire on social media, explained that this scrutiny stems from her cultural expression. “Because of the way I dress in my traditional attire and the way I portray myself as a proud Zulu girl on social media, people feel entitled to ask about my virginity,” she said. Despite appreciating compliments on her beauty, she firmly believes that certain questions cross a line. “I wear my clothes exactly the way I want to, but I don’t think it’s anyone’s right to know whether I’m still a virgin or not,” she stated. “That is for me and my family to know.”

The actress shared that she often faces this question. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s an inappropriate question,” she emphasized. “Some people think the way I present myself gives them rights to voice their opinion. But I’m not bothered.”

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Nelisiwe acknowledges that such invasive inquiries are part of being in the entertainment industry. “Unfortunately, I’ve never heard people asking a proud Zulu man if he is a virgin,” she remarked. Questions about her personal life also extend to her participation in cultural events, such as the Zulu Reed Dance. “I didn’t attend the dance due to personal reasons,” she noted.

Beyond questions about her virginity, Nelisiwe also faces accusations about her relationships. “There are evil people out there who think that they are entitled to bash celebrities. I’ve been accused of dating celebrity guys. But I’m lucky because my family understands,” she said.

Despite the negative attention, Nelisiwe’s dedication to her culture has garnered positive recognition. She has been nominated for Best Traditional Influencer at the South African Traditional Music Awards, set to take place in Mpumalanga this weekend.

Nomagugu Ngobese, a cultural activist and the founder of Nomkhubulwane Culture and Youth Development Organisation, praised Nelisiwe for her cultural pride. “It’s good to see young public figures like Nelisiwe being proud of who they are,” she said. Ngobese explained that traditional Zulu dress reflects a woman’s status. “A virgin dresses a certain way. She hides nothing. A non-virgin normally hides private parts, including boobs. And a married woman also wears clothes in a certain way,” she elaborated.

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However, Ngobese also acknowledged the clash between cultural traditions and modern constitutional rights. “Unfortunately, we are living in times where everyone brags about their constitutional rights rather than looking at what culture or tradition tells us,” she said. While she doesn’t believe people have the right to question a woman’s virginity, Ngobese emphasized the importance of educating others about cultural practices. “As women who love our culture, we must set an example and be the ones educating people about our culture,” she concluded.

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