Former Our Perfect Wedding TV presenter and actress Nomsa Buthelezi breaks down in tears.

Former Our Perfect Wedding TV presenter and actress Nomsa Buthelezi breaks down in tears.

“Being a lesbian is hard” – Actress Nomsa Buthelezi breaks down

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Former Our Perfect Wedding TV host and actress Nomsa Buthelezi has opened up about the challenges she faces in the entertainment industry due to her sexuality. In a heartfelt TikTok video shared by MDN, Buthelezi tearfully recounted losing numerous job opportunities because of her lesbian identity, highlighting the difficulties of being openly queer in South Africa.

“They chuck me out like I am nothing. Maybe this will make my enemies happy. But rest assured, God never rests,” Buthelezi said in the emotional video. She further elaborated on the discrimination she has faced, stating, “There are people in this industry who’ve done horrible things to me, but I kept quiet. They were there to steal my knowledge, like wolves in sheep’s clothing. I never got justice but continued.”

Nomsa Buthelezi

Buthelezi emphasized that her sexuality has been a significant barrier to her career: “There are people who hate my sxuality. Being a lesbian in South Africa is very hard. Some gigs I lost because of my sexuality. I will not name them.”

The video sparked a range of reactions on social media, with some users expressing sympathy and others offering critical opinions.

@Mutape_John commented: “Its entitlement, I don’t think you are that talented an actor neither are u brilliant as an actor. From the little of u that I have watched. You are loud and unrefined. Bo Moshe and them are gay but killing it.”

@HussleLittle added: “Then she must stop being one then she’ll be able to provide for her family phela it’s not nature it’s a choice. She chose to be a lesbian she can now choose to be a woman simple as abc.”

@KeTebza5 shared: “But uSisters said nothing in so many words… She never mentioned the names of those ppl “enemies”. Is like a “hear say” type of a gossip tell. She must name them up, the industry is filled with dirty devils…name them! That’s y we have podcasts. free your emotions sisters!”

Nomsa Buthelezi’s revelations have brought to light the ongoing struggles faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in the entertainment industry, underscoring the need for greater acceptance and inclusivity.

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