Frequent (and fashionable) flyer! Pearl Thusi’s guide to travelling in style

Frequent (and fashionable) flyer! Pearl Thusi’s guide to travelling in style

Pearl Thusi has been doing a lot of travelling over the past few years thanks to a jam-packed work schedule that has seen her flying to places like Los Angeles, New York and Accra
The actress could soon be flying to India for Priyanka Chopra’s wedding.

The women became close friends while working on the Quantico set and Pearl was even spotted at the former Miss World’s bridal shower in NYC

Wherever Pearl jets off to next you can be sure she will do so in comfort and we don’t just mean a first-class flight.

While many stars arrive at the airport in high-heels and several suitcases of Louis Vuitton luggage, the 30-year-old likes to keep her travel looks cute but relaxed.Here’s a look at some of Pearl’s go-to travel outfits…

Ripped jeans
Jeans aren’t always the best option for travel, but Pearl has the right idea with this pair.

Ripped at the knees, these jeans are not only stylish but will ensure that you feel comfortable while stretching your legs on a long flight.

Plane temperatures will leave you feeling like you are sitting in a fridge at times, which is probably why Pearl enjoys wearing breathable layers during flights.

A loose-fitting top paired with an oversized sweater or jacket keep her warm when the cabin gets a bit chilly. The items can also be easily removed if need be.

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