Frost finally breaks his silence: He is still in pain following the death of Zibo

Frost finally breaks his silence: He is still in pain following the death of Zibo

Frost finally breaks his silence: He is still in pain following the death of Zibo

The untimely passing of social media star Zibo Bantsi, has been a tough pill to swallow for several people within the country. It’s inevitable that we’re all getting to leave this earth at some point , but what’s also a fact is that death are some things nobody can ever get wont to , regardless of how often it happens.

Since the YouTuber was pronounced dead, it’s been extremely difficult for his boyfriend Frost Legato who remains coming to terms together with her passing, to simply accept her departure.

Zibo Bantsi, gave up the ghost on Thursday, 1 October 2020, after experiencing complications whilst parturition to their daughter. Zibo was put into a medically induced coma shortly after the birth, but sadly didn’t make it.

The social media star was survived by her daughter , Azha Nthati Bantsi who she left within the care of her partner, Frost Legato, and mother Sami Bantsi. during a heart-wrenching social media post today, Frost opened about handling the loss of his partner.

The musician said that, not even each day goes without hurting. Fans took to his comments to shower him with messages of strength and love.

@Kgotli wrote “sending such a lot love and lightweight your way, I cannot imagine how tough it must be having to be strong because there is a female child who needs that from you.” @@GaopalelweSage wrote. it is the plans that hurt the foremost . All the design for nothing. i do know what u are talking about. It doesn’t recover . U just get Numb.”

On Friday, 16 October 2020 Frost celebrate his daughter’s one-month birthday. He tweeted, “My daughter’s 1 month old today.”, with an in-love emoji. On Sunday, 11 October 2020, Frost shared another update about his baby, claiming that she is consistently sleeping. He stated, “All this hun does is sleep but i really like her with everything yoh.”

After the passing of Zibo Frost took to social media to share that what comforts him is that the incontrovertible fact that his daughter will get to experience how great her mom was, through her documented life on social media.

“The one thing that provides me some comfort is that when our baby wants to understand her mummy all she has got to do is get on YouTube and obtain to experience how amazing her mom was,” he shared.”

Image Cred: Instagram @Frostlegato