Frost Legato’s first date since Zibo passed away

Frost Legato’s first date since Zibo passed away


Valentine’s day could be a special occasion for lovebirds as they’re going all dead set show mega like to their partners. From overpriced gifts, to breathless baecation and romantic outings, the day is packed with romantic gestures.

But for Frost smooth the day in all probability brought loneliness and sorrow following the passing of his girlfriend Zibo however instead, he spent the day together with his date, Azha bonding together with her. Frost shared a moving tweet on Twitter, voice communication Azha slept peacefully when feeding her a bottle of milk.

The tweet molten the hearts of the many those that took to his comments section to praise his parenting skills that have continually been excellent.

We hope she awoke eventually and secure together with her father.

These are a number of the comments from his fans.

“Thank you for being the most effective father to her might God keep blessing you and your fam.”

“She’ll be alright. As before long as she’s awake, you will get all the loving #StayWinning.”

Frost recently launched his own merchandise named ForAzha. Frost sells long sleeves jersey’s and that they ar cute. He aforesaid he’s doing all of this to supply for his female offspring.

The musician is one among the few fathers across the planet, United Nations agency ar difficult the stereotyped notion of black fathers being absent in their children’s lives, by ensuring that he provides for his female offspring.
He recently protected Zibo’s gift by job out haters to prevent conversation regarding his family. He issued a stern warning to gossipers telling them that he has no want to entertain their hate.

“Sincerely, from all-time low of my heart, if you are fixing your lips to ‘gossip’ regarding American state, my family, or worse Zibs, you are evil af and that i don’t have any want to entertain your nonsense, leave American state alone,” he tweeted.

Frost has been that specialize in raising his female offspring and his music career following the passing of her baby mama. Zibo Bantsi, passed on to the great beyond on Th, one Oct 2020, when experiencing complications while parturition to their female offspring. The social media star was place into a medically evoked coma shortly when the birth however sadly didn’t build it.