Funani is in shock after discovering That Faith Had A Role In Zobuhle’s Disappearance

Funani is in shock after discovering That Faith Had A Role In Zobuhle’s Disappearance

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Funani is not rushing the process, but rather carefully gathering information before striking. If looks could kill, Funani’s look behind Faith’s back is lethal. Zwide’s expression on Ona melts my heart.

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Funani couldn’t have picked a worse sidekick. Faith has broken him and brought him to his knees. Consider grieving for your own daughter while she is right in front of you. Faith has never been a favorite of mine. She has earned what is coming to her.

Faith has yet to feel Funani’s wrath, and I’m here to witness it. Funani is still unaware that the same Faith murdered his mother at the time. Funani can play the role of Africa. He’s playing his cards correctly. If you make a mistake, Faith will humble you. When Faith is in the dark, I love it. She should brace herself because a storm is on its way.

Laz played it right there, but Pearl will break down again if she discovers that Laz orchestrated it. She will be upset when she discovers that Laz paid this man to be interested in her. Everything will backfire.

Isaac is not doing well. I feel sorry for him because once his family discovers the truth, it will be game over for him. The beast in Funani will emerge, and Isaac Molapo will face hell.

Funani cried prematurely. As viewers, ask us to tell you everything we know about your mother, the robbery in your home, and how Ona has been mistreated. Funani was taken aback by what he heard. I feel bad for Zwide.

Funani Is Devastated After He Discovered That Faith Had A Role In Zobuhle’s

Funani is devastated after he discovered that Faith had a role in Zobuhle’s disappearance. Faith should have come clean from the start but she chose to hide behind lies and acted all innocent. Her day has come and she will pay for everything she did.

The truth is out and it will just be a dream to Faith when she learns that Funani knows what she did because she thought she had everything under her control.

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The truth has really broke Funani because he was living with Faith who is a lier all this time and he only found out now. But is Funani innocent in all of this?. For me I do not think Funani is innocent because if he was faithful to his wife none of this would have happened. Sometimes this are the results when a person has multiple relationships while married. He invited Faith in his life and that destroyed his family.

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