House Of Zwide: Funani is making a final check with Naledi

Funani is making a final check with Naledi

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Funani is on a mission and he is determined to find the truth all by himself. He will not leave any stone unturned until he discovers every detail to uncover the truth. Nkosi has been having nightmares that bought light to Funani about Zobuhle. Funani wants to confirm everything before he strikes.

Tonight Funani will invite Naledi over to his office, who in turn tells him that she is not Ona’s mother she was just faking it. He wants the truth from the horse’s mouth. Clearly, he is playing his cards close to his chest and Faith won’t see checkmate coming. Faith is in for a big surprise.

Naledi blackmailed Isaac in exchange for money as she was broke at the time. She was just an imposter trying to benefit from the mess that Faith and Isaac created.


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