Funani Zwide gets angry about Ona’s character being exposed.

Funani Zwide gets angry about Ona’s character being exposed.

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House of Zwide has been nothing but absolute entertainment and drama from the first episode. With characters like Molefe who just refuse to stop bringing South Africa into laughs with his constant fumbling.

The show’s first trailer however exposes some of the drama that we should expect, including the fact that Ona is actually not Molapo’s daughter, he just happened to have saved her from a burning house. She is, however, Funani Zwide’s daughter who is supposed to have died in the burning house with his late wife.

Funani’s wife is aware of Ona’s identity and she has been trying her level best to try and rid of her since the first day she showed up at the House of Zwide for the internship and all her efforts have gone to waste. With Sangomas being brought into the picture, it’s about to get a whole lot messy as we know from South African heritage that they are good at revealing what is meant to be secrets.
R2 21Ona and Funani seemed to get along too well the few times they have interacted, like the time when Funani convinced Ona not to quit the internship and to actually make the best of the opportunity. These are the type of interactions Mrs Zwide has been trying to avoid as they can reveal secrets she prefers buried.

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