Funny comparison between Penny Lebyane and Connie Ferguson

Funny comparison between Penny Lebyane and Connie Ferguson

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Penny has become well-known as a radio and TV host. She has made a name for herself by leveraging her online presence to bring attention to important causes like domestic violence and sex trafficking; she claims her new show, Sangoma Khanyisa, which focuses on African spirituality, is no exception.

Penny lebyane made headlines recently when she went to defend Thuso mbedu from South Africans who were making fun of her for her new Hollywood accent. In her stead, Penny took to Twitter to express her admiration for her lack of “It-Girl” status, close friendships, and club-going habits.
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“When u don’t torture yourself with bev in SA industry parties trying to elbow, chasing to be it girl at all costs but focus on your work, craft, establish a career, drink water, laugh with your true pals, keep grounded, study accents, etc u look 21yrs at 31,” she added.

Penny was reduced to tears, however, when commenters began attacking her and dragging her in the name of Connie Ferguson. Connie Ferguson, who is a few years older than Thuso Mbedu, remarked that Thuso Mbedu, 31, looks like she is 21. This prompted many people to seek out Ferguson to see how they stacked up.

When South Africans combined photos of Penny and Connie Ferguson, they showed that Penny is 45 years old and Connie is 52. When the locals in South Africa saw that Connie outshone Penny in looks, they went to make fun of her.

When she brought up the topic of looking youthful, several people laughed at her, stating that she had no right to complain because Connie Ferguson, who is seven years her senior, looks better than she does. Many others went to bring her down, arguing that she shouldn’t use Thuso mbedu to advance her cause.

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