Gaisang Noge AKA Mampho is grateful for the House of Zwide

Gaisang Noge AKA Mampho is grateful for the House of Zwide

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Gaisang Noge is the girl who plays the role of Mampho on House of Zwide. Mampho is a young girl who is obsessed with living a lavished lifestyle in the house of the Zwide family. She is obsessed with winning Nkosi over and ultimately making him marry her and pay damages for the baby whose life is currently in danger.
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On her Instagram story, she has recently posted a picture of herself when she first arrived on House of Zwide. She then followed with posting some of the cast members showing her gratitude of how they have become her new friends. In the above picture she expresses how grateful she is to be trusted with “that role” instead of “this role”. Could this mean being in hospital on screen is a sign of her leaving the soapie? If it truly is, she really outdid herself on the role of Mampho and we wish her a beautiful journey and farewell.

MThe above picture with some of the cast members and with her words of “meeting new friends” shows that she is truly grateful to have found such a space like of House of Zwide. She did not only get an opportunity to fulfil her dream of being on screen under House of Zwide, but she also met new friends.
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They have truly maintained a good relationship with each other from day one and have formed a bond between each other. Despite of her having issues with Shoki on screen, the two seem to be besties offscreen.What are your thoughts on her Instagram stories? Is she leaving House of Zwide for another soapie or series or she is just showing gratitude of being part of the House of Zwide family?

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